Welcome to ksbalert.com

Kwa Sizabantu (KSB) is a cult movement parading as a christian mission (“Kwasizabantu Mission”). It was founded by Erlo Stegen some 50 years ago and is now led by Lydia (Thofozi) Dube. Many South African and European churches supported it, at least until recently.

I began this site some eight years ago when I suspected ksb-alert.com (note the hyphen) might go off the air. It did, but came back, and I supported it. When others began discussing KSB publicly about a year ago, I disabled my site — the basic idea has always been to merely ensure a KSB alert presence on the internet. Given recent developments, however, it seems there is a need for an independent perspective within the kwa-sizabantu / ex-kwasizabantu context again.

My own background: I became a full-time KSB “coworker” in 1979, publicly distantiated myself from Erlo Stegen in 1986, and have been speaking out against the movement ever since.

Kobus du Preez, 1 November 2020